Brexit and the Humiliation of the Expert

How can we ever hope to change hearts and minds when we purposefully obscure our own ideas under a haze of academic language and expertise? How can we fight misinformation campaigns if we can’t even make information transparent to everyone in our field? Anyone who has tried to read Judith Butler without training in dissecting and understanding her particular brand of academic speak would most certainly come to the conclusion that gender theory is solely the field of bored elites with nothing better to do with their time, rather than a vital understanding of how we live and breathe and exist.

On Pride in the Wake of Pain

Pride started as a way to demonstrate that the queer community exists and is strong and proud of who we are. Pride still means these things. Pride in the face of those who want us to be silent, who would rather us dead than to bear our presence—that takes strength and courage and love. And we have those things in spades in the queer community.

Some Honest Questions For The People Who Keep Asking Me Questions About [Panic Issue Here]

Because that’s the thing with questions: you get answers. And you’re not always going to like or agree with the answers you get—that’s your prerogative! But you can’t do the double-bind of simply “asking” and then pretending to be baffled when people refuse to take you by the hand and guide you through your “innocent” questions.

Whiteness as the Background Radiation of Gender

We cannot hope to approach a world in which racial justice--not reconciliation, justice--is achieved unless we are willing to challenge whiteness in all its forms, including within the discussion of gender. Russell Moore is fundamentally the wrong person to lead this charge, but an unsurprising one from a political standpoint. It helps the white church to look "progressive" on certain issues, to play their cards right in the midst of a tumultuous election season. But the centrality of whiteness to all of Moore's positions guarantees that no real change will ever happen.