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In Their Own Words: Ten Scary Quotes from Purity Culture Advocates

These quotes demonstrate the connection between objectification of women, purity culture and rape culture. Women do not exist as people in purity culture - we are merely objects that exist to help men, even through the sacrifice of our own sexual wants and needs. Our bodies don't belong to us, there is no concept of consent or bodily autonomy. We exist for men, pure and simple. And that needs to change.

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On Whiteness as Christlikeness: James H. Cone

As a white person reading this theology, I must place myself in the shoes and the context of existing as an oppressor and acknowledge that my theology is, in its very basis, soaked in white, Western concepts of atonement and suffering. It is heartless and unloving of me to preach the Good Word as something that ignores the current suffering of the oppressed in favor of a heavenly worship at the feet of a God who looks like me. My whiteness is as intrinsic to that particular theology as blackness is intrinsic to Cone’s – but being the dominant form, I am not trained by life to see that whiteness.

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Binary Thinking, Perfectionism, and the Magic of White Feminism

But the thing about being on the “same side” is that it’s binary thinking. It assumes the enemy is an Other, something obviously identifiable. Such rhetoric flattens any discussion of microaggressions and what “helping” and “allyship” actually look like. If merely pledging oneself to be an ally is what made someone an ally, perhaps things would be easier. But such declarations forget the power dynamics at play.

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