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Back to Basics: What is the Male Gaze?

And this is the rub – the male gaze is essentially the assumption that the audience of any act, whether it be a small daily ritual or a large blockbuster movie, will have an audience consisting of heterosexual men. It is this assumption that creates objectification – the inability to see women as anything but objects for male consumption. The male gaze has very real consequences, in that it convinces men that they are the objective normal, while women are Other, objects to be used and cast aside.

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What Incarnation Means to Me: A Follow Up Post

Simply put, incarnational theology, to me, is the idea that that the physical realm and the spiritual one are integrated to the point that even attempting to separate them into one or the other is foolish. There is no “I” without my lived, incarnational experience, and there is no “you” without yours. This means that our bodies matter – all of them, in all forms.


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