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Rape Culture and Protecting Their Own: Questions of Cedarville, ABWE, and Christian Culture

Penn State’s firing of Joe Paterno likely would not have ruined his career (had Paterno not died soon after), because sports culture protects its own. Like sports culture, church culture does much the same – Donn Ketcham found a new church home shortly after being terminated from ABWE, and Michael Loftis finds protection amongst the board members at Cedarville. What needs to happen, if we truly want to care for survivors, is a cultural change – one that not only holds rapists accountable but those who protected them, as well.

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Letting Them Fall: Why Withdrawing Help from an Abuser is a Kindness

It’s a remarkable thing when a child learns to walk. Being in my late 20s, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing several friends embiggen their families through the addition of children, and I've watched those kids go from small, swaddled blanket balls to yelling, running, screaming short creatures of terror. Growing up is a weird and intensely brave process, and so is being a parent. When a kid is learning to walk, she first grabs hold of your fingers tightly, afraid to attempt to balance on her own. You get used to walking around bent over, holding their hand, aiding their balance as they go.

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