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On White Academic Spaces, Racism, and Crying Censorship

And this, ultimately, is where the discursive divide between the protesting “ideologues” and the “censored victims of an overblown controversy” exists. The problem is not as Friedersdorf proposes, an issue of one incident in which students are refusing to engage in an intellectual discussion about coddling and appropriation, but an entire lengthy history of discourse that falls on the shoulders of students of color at ivy league institutions. Yes, students at such institutions are privileged, but only insofar as they have access to this education and the resources and prestige that entails. This academic and potential class privilege does not and cannot erase the unique forms of oppression that face students of color within our ivory towers.

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I'm a Liberal Writer Who Knows How to Deal With My Fears (A Response to Vox)

But acknowledging and discussing such actual, real instances of students being valued over the lives of professors would undermine this professor’s point about identity politics. If identity politics don’t matter, if the prioritization of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and past trauma are ruining the discourse, then the cases of black women experts in their fields being disciplined by an institution determined to believe the white male student over the black female professors challenge that narrative. 

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Let's Be Honest: The Debate About Trigger Warnings Is Really Just Misogyny

We wouldn’t dare call male Vietnam Veterans suffering from PTSD a “trigger happy generation.” And yet, when female students recognize the impact of sexual violence on their lives and request accommodation for those problems, they get sanctimonious op-eds in the Wall Street Journal.

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