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Red State Redemption: Homebound

Even as I speak, my reality is changing. South Dakota has a growing contingent of more liberal young people who take an approach of nuance and openness into their politics. And being from this state, we know more about how to approach change in this area than our fellows on the East Coast who try to pour money into our politics and create campaigns based around their “outsider” politics.

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Practical Praxis: the Need for Action

Praxis, as an ally, involves much listening and waiting and taking our cues from the marginalized. But that doesn’t mean we never act – indeed, this is a point where a loud response from both allies and marginalized alike can help create change. This is where the action part of our praxis comes into play – we must not simply stand by and say, “Not all Christians believe this.” We must actively dismantle and protest against people who assume they speak for Christianity. We must protest against hate speech by actively calling it out as bigotry and violence.

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When Women Will Not Be Silenced

Over the last week, women online demonstrated more leadership than the editors of Leadership Journal probably thought possible. Our diverse perspectives, the stories and experience we brought to bear, and unwillingness to accept non-apologies as “good enough” brought the president of a behemoth evangelical magazine to our table, to hear our concerns, and to apologize. Women did this.

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