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It's Time for White People to Be Quiet and Listen

Now is not the time to talk. Now is the time to listen, to stand alongside, to hold our siblings in their pain, to realize that their pain runs deep and cannot be solved by a patchwork of goodwill and kind intentions. This conversation will require a radical decentering of the self – a sacrifice of our pride, our beliefs about who we are, and a willingness to love the other to the point of giving up our very selves. This is what reconciliation demands of us. Read black voices. Listen to their stories. Learn.

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Selma's "GLORY" is an Anthem for the Modern Church

White people in the church are terrified of centering blackness, because it challenges their notions of what the Kingdom of Glory looks like. The Kingdom is not some fluffy cloud-like land where we all play harps and walk around in white robes. The Kingdom is a reign of radical justice, where the black man may speak without fear of retribution from his white sister, where black women may walk down the street without fear of harassment from her white brother, where trans women of color can co-exist with their cis brethren without fear of attack.

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Blackness is Life: A Guest Post on James Cone

Blackness is the Divine NO! to whiteness’ desire for all people to be assimilated to it. Reconciliation for Cone and many Black Liberation Theologians do not presume that equality is already a reality. Institutions founded by and maintaining systematic injustices must first start with justice, and then mutuality and dialogue. If efforts towards reconciliation are to be faithful to the Good News, there must be an adherence to an honest account of the historical situation. In this case, we must all recognize the violent legacy of White Supremacy and work to dismantle it.  

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