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I'm Not Crying on Sundays: A Response to Some Parents Who Think I Am a Predator

Please remember that God’s creations are everyone and everywhere. We are all beloved by God above and Jesus didn’t just die for a special segment of the population. He died for me, too, this fucked up bisexual survivor of assault. And He cares so deeply about the innocence of the children in that class – the innocence that can and should be protected through education about who they are and who can touch them and what all these weird pre-teen feelings might be. Innocence can be protected through education. No one is raping your child through teaching them respect. No one is raping the student who is taught that they shouldn’t bully someone for being different. No one is raping a classroom of children who now have access to better understandings of themselves and others, which may prevent violence in the future.

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Latin America, Liberation, and Embracing the Revolution

Liberation theology, as a whole, is deeply grounded in the economic and sociopolitical realities of the oppressed. It is determined not simply to liberate people on a spiritual level but to work for justice in their lived experience, adapting and working to make the Gospel relevant to the social position of a person’s life. Liberation theology recognizes that the Gospel has been used as a tool of the conquerors and works to make Christ’s sacrifice a tool of the rebellion. Liberation theology challenges us to confront oppressors, to fight for the downtrodden.

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