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"There Was No Violence": Our Numbness to Horror

If we cannot be horrified by the harm done to the least of these, if we can look at such an act and declare that “there was no violence,” we are truly in trouble, as a people, as a country, as a world. It is not marriage equality, premarital sex, or swearing on TV that are the symptoms of a broken society that needs a deeper understanding of justice, no matter what the narrative from the right is. It is people who can look violence in the eye and not see horror.

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Dehumanization, Disbelief, and Disenfranchisement: Why We Must Believe Survivors

It’s easy to imagine that my uncle was a monster, destitute and alone in his dying days, but I know that it’s not true. He had at least one son, a wife, and a family that probably loved him. He had a job, and insurance enough that paid his medical bills. Far from being a monstrous predator, ostracized from all who knew him, my uncle’s pedophilia was an open secret in the family, the missing stair that my family worked around. My parents, by protecting me, took a remarkable step of setting and keeping a strict boundary, unusual in this day and age, and even more unusual in the 1980s Midwest.

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