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Whiteness as the Background Radiation of Gender

We cannot hope to approach a world in which racial justice--not reconciliation, justice--is achieved unless we are willing to challenge whiteness in all its forms, including within the discussion of gender. Russell Moore is fundamentally the wrong person to lead this charge, but an unsurprising one from a political standpoint. It helps the white church to look "progressive" on certain issues, to play their cards right in the midst of a tumultuous election season. But the centrality of whiteness to all of Moore's positions guarantees that no real change will ever happen.

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Deadpool's Crassness and Cynicism is Exactly What Millennials Need

Focus on the Family calls this irresponsible. Secular critics call it too cynical for its own good. I look at it as the ultimate superhero movie for millennials, the one that captures a “fuck you” attitude toward the world of pain and hurt and irresolution and hands us a way to grasp at some kind of happy in the middle of it all. It looks at our fear of everything and takes our hand and says, “We know a lot of it is bullshit, but there’s a chance for something good, even if unorthodox, even if it comes at a cost."

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Rape Culture and Protecting Their Own: Questions of Cedarville, ABWE, and Christian Culture

Penn State’s firing of Joe Paterno likely would not have ruined his career (had Paterno not died soon after), because sports culture protects its own. Like sports culture, church culture does much the same – Donn Ketcham found a new church home shortly after being terminated from ABWE, and Michael Loftis finds protection amongst the board members at Cedarville. What needs to happen, if we truly want to care for survivors, is a cultural change – one that not only holds rapists accountable but those who protected them, as well.

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