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Is the Church About Love? Or Is It About Doctrine?

And we have failed so miserably at this, Church, because we have swung so far into rigid, Sola Scriptura defense that we’ve forgotten what it’s like to live in the real world. We’ve forgotten what it means to simply be with another person in their suffering, to come alongside them. We think preaching “the truth in love” means we are doing something right if we alienate people or cause more pain. We find ways to baptize that pain, calling it conviction or God’s calling us back to righteousness.

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Queering the Church: Being Safe People

Part of the frustration of being a queer Christian in the church is that we often feel alone, and we feel like we’re managing other people’s problems as well as our own. We often become the token queer, the one who is brought into discussions we don’t necessarily want to be involved in and invoked to defend something we don’t really want to know about. So, ally pastors, don’t do that – don’t be that “I have a queer friend” guy, don’t out us to other, and don’t co-opt us into your agendas. Just because we’re at your church doesn’t mean we share your opinions and want to be called into an argument. In the question of queer identity and queer issues, you take your cues from us.

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