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Shoplifting As Social Justice?: The Importance of an Intersectional Lens

The CEO of Urban Outfitters doesn’t care that a few hundred dollars worth of clothing disappeared from the Orland Park, IL, store. But the manager of that store sure does, and its the employees – statistically likely to be single mothers – are the ones who will get the brunt of it. With the prevalence of at-will employment in the United States, these managers don’t even have to prove that their employee did something wrong – they can simply be fired on the suspicion of wrongdoing or for a failure to prevent theft.

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Purity is a Class Issue: Personal Responsibility, Condescension, and Poverty

In purity culture, those making purity pledges, buying the rings, and attending the balls are women of a certain class. If you watch any documentary on the purity movement, you’ll see mostly white women and girls, standing in large elaborate houses, in clearly comfortable lifestyles.

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