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The Mini-Skirt and Me

It took me a few years and a lot of work to get to a point where I was comfortable dressing in more feminine and more “revealing” clothing. For me, owning my body and owning my choices meant learning how to mimic and play at those gender expressions disregarded as “typically feminine.” I had to teach myself how to do make up, to do my hair, to be comfortable in dresses and “fancy” clothing. Modesty culture, in its attempts to protect my womanhood, had robbed me of my understanding of myself as a feminine being.

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Purity is a Class Issue: Personal Responsibility, Condescension, and Poverty

In purity culture, those making purity pledges, buying the rings, and attending the balls are women of a certain class. If you watch any documentary on the purity movement, you’ll see mostly white women and girls, standing in large elaborate houses, in clearly comfortable lifestyles.

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The Unpopular Work: The Importance of Continued Critical Engagement

Justice isn’t popular. It never really is. When it gets some traction in the mainstream, it’s not long before it’s been co-opted into a viral marketing scheme. Macy’s pledges to donate to children in need – but only if you bring your Santa letter to Macy’s and hopefully do some shopping while you’re there. TOMS will give shoes to people in need – but only if you buy a pair first. PetSmart will help homeless pets, but you have to donate to them at the check out counter before they can do it. Justice now comes with strings attached, with capitalistic bargains and hopes that you’ll help the company turn a profit and save its reputation at the same time. Billion dollar companies depend on you, the buyer, to consume compassionately before they'll make the world better.

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