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What Volunteering With Cats Taught Me About Talking to Humans

This awareness of the communication gaps and the methods of communicating between the species has had an effect on how I live and communicate with humans. Don’t mistake me here, I’m not comparing humans to animals in a one to one ratio. But that learning and knowing and understanding carefully how people respond to each other and how things can go has made it easier for me to feel confident in my conversations and discussions.

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On Trigger Warnings, Trauma, and Community Obligations

In the public sphere, trigger warnings and content notes and advisories function as primarily descriptive tools. They tell an unknown and unnamed reader that the article, artwork, movie, or film may be hard to handle if they have pre-existing problems with certain content.* These descriptors allow people to assess, before reading, whether or not they are in a position to read such content on that particular day. If not, they bookmark it to come back to later.

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