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A Question of Manliness: What is the Role?

Being pushed and pulled into a special box and role is bad for anyone. For women, it feeds into centuries of oppression and forces us to see ourselves as less than human, without agency or autonomy. For men, it feeds into an invisible power dynamic, creating opportunities for sinfulness and gracelessness. For men who do not fit the mold, it creates expectations that are burdensome and unhealthy.

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Practical Praxis: Reprogramming Ourselves

The thing is, our cultural conditioning surrounding gender is so ingrained, so built into us that it is a daily, continual task to fight that conditioning in ourselves. And with small children, we often impart that conditioning in any number of unconscious, unrealized ways. But a feminist, Christian praxis means we need to be aware of that conditioning in every little thing we do – how we react to and perceive varying responses and actions.

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