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My Humanity Is Not Subject To Your Moral Reasoning

Logic or reasoning that does not contain within it an amount of empathy and humanity for the Other is logic and reasoning that has no place within the Church writ large. This is why I reject “debates” about my humanity on their face – because my humanity and my position as someone beloved by God is only up for debate in the minds of my oppressors. And oppression is not something in which the Church can engage.

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The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly Faith

This is a good virtue in theory – that we have the grace to see how much God loves our fellow humans and to treat them with utter, sacrificial kindness. But in practice, this doctrine turns into a cudgel, allowing people who are participating in unloving behavior to claim the upper hand the second you step out of line. Over and over, in discussing theology and women’s studies with white, cisgender, heterosexual men, I find myself on guard for the inevitable moment when I go “too far” or don’t respond with enough deference. Even if I am, in many cases, actually more knowledgeable than the people I am talking to, I still must be the gracious educator, the one who must set everything aside to help Poor Little White Boy figure out why his condemnation of LGBT people isn’t actually loving.

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Practical Praxis: Choosing Your Battles

Lots of supposed allies to the feminist movement think that there is something to be gained from engaging our ideological opponents at every opportunity – if we don’t spend our time arguing with them over this, how can we possibly affect change? And that’s a legitimate argument in some respects – ideology enacted in isolated groups is quite dangerous, cultish behavior. But it’s also an argument that frequently comes with an unwieldy burden on marginalized persons – this is how educating our oppressors about our oppression becomes A Thing. It forces us to justify our existence to people who don’t give a rat’s ass about it one way or the other.

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