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The God of the Lesser Things: Denny Burk is Wrong About "The Least of These"

Burk’s world, laid bare in this particular post, is one of simplicity. It is one in which Christ’s body protects its own, and Christ’s body does not contain those kicked out of their homes because they came out, those calling suicide hotlines desperate for help, those risking death every time they want to use the toilet in a public area. Instead, “the least of these” are those throwing the punches, those demanding the change, those contributing to homelessness.

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What Denny Burk and Eve Ensler Have In Common

Misogyny and hate don’t exist on a linear scale. They intersect with all kinds of identities and lives. A black woman’s experience of misogyny is different from my experience of misogyny which is different from a trans woman of color’s experience of misogyny. Each of these differing experiences highlights the need for comprehensive, complicated approaches to reforming systems, instead of the simplistic “one oppression at a time” approach. Marriage equality is a trans issue and purity culture is a trans issue and reproductive rights are a trans issue. All these things are also black and Native issues and gay issues and bisexual issues and disability issues and mental health issues.

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Contending with the Hard Questions: How Calvinist Theodicy Erases Incarnate Thought

I’m a big fan of the repeated axiom that bodies matter. What happens in our flesh informs our experience of that amorphous I that makes us people. A person’s skin color, their gender identities and how they present themselves, a disability, mental illness, or body shape all inform how we view ourselves and who we are at the core of ourselves. To say, fairly flippantly, that “a body cannot harm a pure mind soul” is to completely and totally erase the importance our physical bodies play in the development of our identities, our worship, and our theologies.

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