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On White Academic Spaces, Racism, and Crying Censorship

And this, ultimately, is where the discursive divide between the protesting “ideologues” and the “censored victims of an overblown controversy” exists. The problem is not as Friedersdorf proposes, an issue of one incident in which students are refusing to engage in an intellectual discussion about coddling and appropriation, but an entire lengthy history of discourse that falls on the shoulders of students of color at ivy league institutions. Yes, students at such institutions are privileged, but only insofar as they have access to this education and the resources and prestige that entails. This academic and potential class privilege does not and cannot erase the unique forms of oppression that face students of color within our ivory towers.

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Why I Have Trouble Being Friends With Men

We are the disposable women, the women men use to bolster their own self-esteem for a time until we become Too Much for them to deal with. We are accustomed to being unfriended, unfollowed, and blocked for a time once we hit the breaking point. We’re used to friendships having breaking points where our real selves come into conflict with who we’re imagined to be.

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Universities Aren't Safe Spaces and Other Problems with Modern Discourse

What’s missing is a sense of collective healing. The dominant culture is uncomfortable with the idea that survivors, the marginalized, and victims of oppression share the same space with “the normals.” You’re abnormal if you can’t discuss hard topics like rape and racism with “objectivity.” The objection to the lack of safety within these discussions is not, as Shulevitz proposes, a desire for coddling and “hiding," but a desire to have a place at the table without worrying whether or not the food is poisoned.

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