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No Man is an Island: Douglas Wilson and Historicity

Wilson’s mythos of the informed generalist who can work independently of the academy and is therefore free from the strictures of “liberalism” and the “false god” of objectivity that come with institutionalized research is merely that – a myth. No scholar stands independent of each other, and the ongoing conversations within and without of the academy are vital for the work that happens here. Wilson may be self-taught, but he cannot reject the work of critics whom he says “misread” him, especially if he rejects these critics simply on the basis of their biases as members of the academy.

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Complementarianism, Simone de Beauvoir, and Judith Butler: A Reading

All of it has to do with how men perceive and imagine themselves in relationship to women as Other. Men, in their reasoning and understanding of themselves as individuals, are able to position themselves as the default while women are the Other. In a distinct response to Cartesian dualism, men have, for centuries, imagined themselves as the reasonable mind of the human race while women inhabit the body. We are corporeal; they are disembodied. This has everything to do with how men are allowed to be seen as individuals while women are a collective group, called upon to represent themselves and all women.

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Marriage Will Not and Cannot Save You

It is not marriage that is salvation. It is the identification of Christ with the oppressed, with the human condition, with our very human incarnations. And this, ultimately, is why we must reject any theology that demands a romantic relationship as a sacrament or proposes that an adult sexual relationship is somehow a cure for personal sins. We are better and bigger than that.

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