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How John and Stasi Eldredge Ruined My Life

Purity culture does not exist without gender roles - they are an endless recursive set of stairs building upon each other. Purity means following your role as a woman and following your role as a woman makes you pure. Purity means following your role as a man and following your role as a man makes you pure. Rejecting gender roles in romantic relationships means rejecting at least a major part of purity culture. Becoming a woman who asks men out on dates makes you aggressive, which is immodest and impure. Becoming a man who allows his romantic partner to lead every so often makes you weak and therefore more susceptible to temptation - and therefore impure. It's an endless recursion in the logic.

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Consent is Not a Negotiation: Love, Respect, and Warped Ideas of Sin

The evangelical purity movement proposes a view of marriage and sex in which one person’s pleasure is consistently prioritized over another’s bodily autonomy. It is a view of marriage that insists the spouse is a masturbatory aide for their partner, rather than a full and consenting participant in the act, because they already consented when they said "I do."

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