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Five Lies the Church Told Me About Sex

The culture of evangelicalism is very insular and very hard to move out of once you’ve been in it for a long time. There is so much that is simply understood and taken for granted that leaving that world feels like moving into a foreign country where nothing is like it seems. And you begin to realize your home country was lying to you about nearly everything.

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The Turning of the Screw: On Time and the New Year

As we enter 2015, I'm thinking about this march, this gyre, this circular progress that moves us two steps forward and one step back. I'm also taking heart in the idea that even as we repeat, even as we move back and forth in time, we are making things new, we are making progress. Without such change, I would not be sitting in this Starbucks, listening to people talk about their frustration with the things the modern evangelical church made their parents do.

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Queering Theology: We Exist

One of the boundaries queer theology destroys is this faux-objectivity around the interpretation of Scripture. Queer theology says that love means God created us and that we can see ourselves in God’s Word. This means that restricting scripture to solely be interpreted by one people group – through the subtle emphasis on “objective” reading or the outright rejection of queer and female readings as “sinful” – is a problem because it places bounds on God’s ability to work God’s love for God’s people.

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