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On Telling a Good "Bad Date" Story

Almost all my friends have these stories: the man who was trying to follow her home and only stopped when her boyfriend stepped in, turning it funny because her boyfriend isn't aggressive. The "I think a 50yo guy just tried to hit on me sir you could be my dad" story told with a smirk, brushing off the creepy manner of his approach. The jokes about sitting on men who take up too much space on public transit, even though few of us would be brave enough to assert ourselves in that way.

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Some Brief, Disconnected Thoughts On Our National Panic Attack

I doubt I have many Trump readers on my blog. And it’s hard to talk about fear while simultaneously feeling fear of the fearmonger. But, as much for myself as it is for you, today I think we need to remember: perfect love casts out fear. Fear and love are not things that can co-exist, whether it be in a relationship or in national politics. These things are fundamentally incompatible and if we are a country – or a church – that is operating on fear, we are fundamentally not operating on love.

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Apocalypse When? How I Grew Up Afraid of The End of the World

So much of my journey in faith can be characterized by fear. I was constantly and consistently afraid that I was failing in loving my neighbor by not witnessing every day. I hastily confronted friends about their need to accept Christ – badgering them until they began to distance themselves from me. I found a group of like-minded evangelicals and we set ourselves up as the persecuted minority of the school. Any negative reaction to our jerk behavior, to our annoying evangelism was taken as confirmation that our mission was true and pure.

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