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Whiteness as the Background Radiation of Gender

We cannot hope to approach a world in which racial justice--not reconciliation, justice--is achieved unless we are willing to challenge whiteness in all its forms, including within the discussion of gender. Russell Moore is fundamentally the wrong person to lead this charge, but an unsurprising one from a political standpoint. It helps the white church to look "progressive" on certain issues, to play their cards right in the midst of a tumultuous election season. But the centrality of whiteness to all of Moore's positions guarantees that no real change will ever happen.

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Feminists Do Not Want to Eliminate Gender

Ironically, not “seeing” gender is precisely what the patriarchal meritocracy wants. It wants us to believe that we exist in this ideological world where gender is invisible. “I treat all my employees the same,” claims the male boss with female employees, a statement which easily translates to, “I treat them all like men."

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Back to Basics: The Performance and Presentation of Gender

The beauty of the Gospel is that it is liberating for all peoples as they are, in their lived experiences. If we reduce gender to a socially constructed idea based solely out of reproductive characteristics of sex, we flatten and destroy the beauty of the Gospel message for the Church Universal. We end up with a church of roles, a staged play, instead of a Church of community and love.

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