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Queering Theology: Christ in Stilettos

Gender is simultaneously an unimportant performance and a vital part of one’s identity. It has social signals and private understandings. But one thing it does not do is this: it does not determine our standing before God. It never has, and it never will. This isn’t feminists erasing gender – this is queer theologians recognizing the immense complexity of gender and the recognition that God’s love extends to all of us. God’s love breaks down those boundaries, those boxes that become our prisons. That is liberation. That is freedom.

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Context Matters: On Femininity, Figure Skating, and Complementarianism

In pairs figure skating, as in any art performance based sport, the artistic routines have some very basic and important rules that they have to follow – one of which is that through certain set pieces, the man and woman have to match the other’s movements in a synchronistic manner. In other words, if one is “leading” and the other “following,” they are doing it wrong because they are out of sync and not sharing equal skill. Both play equal roles and both have to trust the other not to injure them by making a mistake.

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