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Paris Burning: On the Obligation to Weep With Those Who Weep

Being further from an event does not make one more “objective” about those events, however. Indeed, as Falling Man demonstrates, it is often those closest to the scene of the crime, those who are “emotionally compromised” who are actually the most articulate at exploring the impact of this terror. Those of us who are further and farther away are, in fact, less objective for thinking that we are somehow objective. We are actually unable to place the magnitude of such events in context.

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The Reality of a Grieving World

But part of the beauty of this human project that we are at once the same and completely different. Everyone goes through these same experiences, but they’re all different at different times and we all handle them differently. I know quite a few people who have lost parents, and we can commiserate with each other. But we also recognize that our experiences and our relationships are so different that we can’t fully grasp or understand each other.

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Carrie and Lowell and the Power of Experiencing Grief in Community

In grief, I’ve rediscovered the importance of community. When Carrie and Lowell became available for streaming last week, ahead of tomorrow’s release, I discovered a wave of people at different points in the grieving process, coming together to commiserate over this piece of art that instantly became something more than just a few guitars and Sufjan’s voice.

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