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Unlearning Purity Culture: Beyond Vanilla (Part 2)

 believe God made sexuality as way for people to share love, intimacy and trust with their partners. Sexuality -- when used well -- brings people together and builds people up. If you are using your sexuality to seek your partner’s greatest good, and if your partner is using their sexuality to seek your greatest good, you are honoring God with your sexuality, even if your sexuality is outside the norm.

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Unlearning Purity Culture: Beyond Vanilla (Part 1)

My core argument is that there is no inherent conflict between BDSM and Christianity. Like any intimate activity, choosing to engage in BDSM could be wise or unwise and loving or unloving. It all depends on the context, the state of your heart, the details of your relationship -- etc. That’s why it is very important to have conversations with trusted friends and mentors about what decisions in BDSM are healthy and loving and which are not.

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Unlearning Purity Culture: Stephanie's Story

We were all trying so hard to live up to an ideal driven by guilt, shame and conservative politics which ignored human emotions.  After a long, long time I realized I wasn't a bad person.  Of course, I still would have promoted abstinence as I was heartbroken from the whole experience, just like they had warned me.  Then I realized something else: that was the reason I felt bad.

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Purity Culture, Grooming, and Sex Offenders: A Guest Post

Christian purity culture emerged from a desire to create a Christian counter culture, one that pushed back against our sexually saturated broader culture. The focus was on advocating for modesty, courting, and sexual purity, as opposed to the sexualization of females, casual dating, and sexual activity without commitment.

Yet, while noble in intent, it has failed in application. The failures of purity culture are evident in the parallels between it and the grooming techniques of sexual offenders.

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Blackness is Life: A Guest Post on James Cone

Blackness is the Divine NO! to whiteness’ desire for all people to be assimilated to it. Reconciliation for Cone and many Black Liberation Theologians do not presume that equality is already a reality. Institutions founded by and maintaining systematic injustices must first start with justice, and then mutuality and dialogue. If efforts towards reconciliation are to be faithful to the Good News, there must be an adherence to an honest account of the historical situation. In this case, we must all recognize the violent legacy of White Supremacy and work to dismantle it.  

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