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Hey is For Horses: How to Take Rejection Like a Human

Telling a man no is a very delicate process for a lot of women. Even when I departed from the Worst Date Ever, I quietly said, “It was nice meeting you. I’ll call you,” and then vowed to never respond to him again as I walked away. Rejecting him to his face seemed like a dangerous move, and in a world where women have been stabbed for refusing to respond to street harassment, it’s a reasonable assessment to make.

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Hey Is For Horses: Let's Not Make This Weird

This is the true thing we need to keep in perspective when it comes to dating. Putting all our eggs in one basket, treating people as interchangeable parts in your fantasy of a love story, and pinning all your expectations on the possibility of a romance creates far too much pressure for anyone. In any part of a relationship, whether it’s the first message or the last kiss, perspective is vastly and deeply important. It will keep us grounded.

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The Story of Us (Should Be Properly Punctuated)

So you’ve decided it’s time to pawn your Joshua Harris books, set aside those courtship guides, and kiss dating hello. If you’re anything like me, you’re coming out of a culture where dating and flirting and engaging with the opposite sex beyond friendship are verboten. So how do you get from Carpooling and Chaperoning to Riding in Cars With Boys (or Girls)? Where do you even start?

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