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Contending with the Hard Questions: How Calvinist Theodicy Erases Incarnate Thought

I’m a big fan of the repeated axiom that bodies matter. What happens in our flesh informs our experience of that amorphous I that makes us people. A person’s skin color, their gender identities and how they present themselves, a disability, mental illness, or body shape all inform how we view ourselves and who we are at the core of ourselves. To say, fairly flippantly, that “a body cannot harm a pure mind soul” is to completely and totally erase the importance our physical bodies play in the development of our identities, our worship, and our theologies.

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Lacking Incarnation: Transphobia, Erasure, and the Church's Mistakes

When trans* people are cast as people who are essentially lying about themselves and their identities to everyone else in their lives, they are Othered to the point where whatever violence occurs is their fault. Casting trans* people as con artists places upon them the sins of betrayal, of deception and treason. This narrative allows cis people to excuse our complicity because if trans* people are liars, then they are simply not good people.

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What Incarnation Means to Me: A Follow Up Post

Simply put, incarnational theology, to me, is the idea that that the physical realm and the spiritual one are integrated to the point that even attempting to separate them into one or the other is foolish. There is no “I” without my lived, incarnational experience, and there is no “you” without yours. This means that our bodies matter – all of them, in all forms.


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