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Do I Know You? False Intimacy in Purity Culture

I wonder, often, if the church hasn’t replaced a loving relationship with rules, regulations and Westernized concepts of what “orthodoxy” looks like. This is certainly the case in purity culture, where remaining a virgin at all costs is valued higher than how you eventually treat your spouse. Sex outside the “right” context has the power to completely destroy a person’s standing, religiously speaking, regardless of the context of a relationship or the other ways a person behaves.

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Get Along to Get Along: Why Boundaries Matter

Unfortunately, in the modern American evangelical church and even in post-evangelical progressivism, we try to make “everyone gets along!” the highest of all potential virtues. If everyone’s friendly and getting along, we can have UNITY. Or something resembling it. And I think a lot of this philosophy is bred directly into how we teach about the incarnated Body of Christ as the Church.

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The Need For Boundaries: False Intimacy in the Church

I’ve had friends tell me stories of complete strangers coming up to them, asking to speak Words of Prophecy into their lives, but boundary violations aren’t unique to the charismatic traditions. In my decidedly not charismatic Baptist upbringing, one was still expected to divulge secrets and struggles in prayer request circles, and to forge falsely intimate relationships with people on Sunday who would pretend you didn’t exist in the halls at school on Monday.

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