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Blackness is Life: A Guest Post on James Cone

Blackness is the Divine NO! to whiteness’ desire for all people to be assimilated to it. Reconciliation for Cone and many Black Liberation Theologians do not presume that equality is already a reality. Institutions founded by and maintaining systematic injustices must first start with justice, and then mutuality and dialogue. If efforts towards reconciliation are to be faithful to the Good News, there must be an adherence to an honest account of the historical situation. In this case, we must all recognize the violent legacy of White Supremacy and work to dismantle it.  

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On Whiteness as Christlikeness: James H. Cone

As a white person reading this theology, I must place myself in the shoes and the context of existing as an oppressor and acknowledge that my theology is, in its very basis, soaked in white, Western concepts of atonement and suffering. It is heartless and unloving of me to preach the Good Word as something that ignores the current suffering of the oppressed in favor of a heavenly worship at the feet of a God who looks like me. My whiteness is as intrinsic to that particular theology as blackness is intrinsic to Cone’s – but being the dominant form, I am not trained by life to see that whiteness.

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#BacktoBasics: What is Intersectionality?

This is intersectionality. It is, simply, the recognition that oppression is a web of systems, that each person experiences oppression differently based on who they are as people and their social and geographical locations. A North Korean woman living in Japan experiences oppression differently than the same woman living in Los Angeles. Intersectionality, then, is the acknowledgement that everyone’s life experiences are different, and that we must listen to those closest to the oppressions to understand how they affect people.

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