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Unlearning Purity Culture: Beyond Vanilla (Part 2)

 believe God made sexuality as way for people to share love, intimacy and trust with their partners. Sexuality -- when used well -- brings people together and builds people up. If you are using your sexuality to seek your partner’s greatest good, and if your partner is using their sexuality to seek your greatest good, you are honoring God with your sexuality, even if your sexuality is outside the norm.

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Unlearning Purity Culture: Beyond Vanilla (Part 1)

My core argument is that there is no inherent conflict between BDSM and Christianity. Like any intimate activity, choosing to engage in BDSM could be wise or unwise and loving or unloving. It all depends on the context, the state of your heart, the details of your relationship -- etc. That’s why it is very important to have conversations with trusted friends and mentors about what decisions in BDSM are healthy and loving and which are not.

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