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The Way We Talk About God: In Defense of "They"

The ways in which we gender objects and ideas shape the ways we look at our world. Maybe it’s just me, but it’s weird when a man refers to an object that he owns as a “she.” I understand the impulse to anthropomorphize, but the ways in which we do so create and reflect dynamics of objectification and sexualization. A muscle car being regarded as “she” in the same terms one would refer to a wife says a lot about how we value women.

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Evangelicalism Doesn't Have a Persecution Problem; It Has an Arrogance Problem

I operated within a world that most people didn’t get. And for years, I saw their occasional mockery, confusion, and desire not to listen to me babble on in what amounted to a different language as a form of persecution. “This is what Jesus meant when he said you would be mocked and persecuted for me!” I told myself as I made no effort to become like the Greeks, Jews or Gentiles as Paul proclaimed.

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Words Mean Things: Shame, Oppression, and Power

Only, when we refer to mere discomfort as “shame,” we undermine very real shame. It’s like when we compare things that are not the Holocaust to the Holocaust – each time we do this, we erode the intensity, the meaningfulness, and the tragedy of the events. We take away the ability to describe truly shameful things if even the slightest criticism is viewed as “shaming.”

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