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What Jonathan Chait Gets Wrong (And Right) About Political Correctness

The best we, as individuals, can do is remember the human behind the keyboard, the life behind the words, and the story behind the need for a trigger warning or a content note. I firmly believe that righteous anger, challenging of what it means to be powerful, and pointing out problematic behavior (or “calling out,” as it may be) are necessary to any movement toward progress. We have to be willing to be uncomfortable, especially if we are in positions of privilege. But we also have to be willing to see humanity, to empathize, to see the person and not just the mistake.

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Life in the Borderlands: A Taxonomical Analysis of Post-Evangelicalism

Progressivism carries with it a specific understanding of the intersectional nature of oppressions and privileges, and knows that moving forward – progressing – in the world means embracing changes on both the individual and systemic level.

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The Dwarves Are For the Dwarves: Evangelicalism's Gatekeepers

Evangelical gatekeepers think they hold they keys to the Kingdom. Their conviction that conservative American politics are a necessary part of Christian belief create boundaries on a Kingdom that is so much greater and so much larger than anything we could have imagined. It is a world where we can run without getting tired, where the further in we go, the larger and more beautiful our world becomes. But we have to take the first step to get up and walk away from the restrictive, legalistic evangelical table first. We have to give up on the idea that we can know the mind of God fully, while we are here, behind the veil.

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