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Can Skinny People Have Good Sex And Other Foolish Questions

There’s this concept in feminism that the male gaze is internalized in women to the point where we imagine it forever judging us, even if no men are present. In Christian culture, this male gaze is intensified sevenfold, as we are instructed to keep our brothers’ spiritual lives at the forefront of how we dress and how we behave. It is virtually impossible, then, to leave such views at the bedroom door, bringing every insecurity and foible into the bed with our partners. Even as we experience the approval that is a person wanting to have sex with us in that moment, we women are wondering how our fat looks as it jiggles in the motions of sex.

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Back to Basics: What is the Male Gaze?

And this is the rub – the male gaze is essentially the assumption that the audience of any act, whether it be a small daily ritual or a large blockbuster movie, will have an audience consisting of heterosexual men. It is this assumption that creates objectification – the inability to see women as anything but objects for male consumption. The male gaze has very real consequences, in that it convinces men that they are the objective normal, while women are Other, objects to be used and cast aside.

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