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You Don't Get to Choose How I Feel

Just asking the question isn’t enough. You must demonstrate a willingness to listen, a trustworthiness that you might actually change, and an actual desire for knowledge. This is why I don’t buy that someone is just “taking a stand” and “not looking to offend.” Stands and stances and flags and words don’t happen in vacuums. They carry with them histories of oppression, a lifetime of burdens, and often threats to our very survival. That the privileged do not understand our pain does not erase the existence of that pain.

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If Your Church is Not of the Marginalized, You Are Not of the Church

But the church in America is distinctly separated from that Gospel truth, as demonstrated by Strachan’s fearmongering about “becoming” marginalized. In truth, if your church and your practice is not already marginalized, if you fear marginalization, if you just now fear the persecution of “those who disagree with you,” then, bluntly: you have not been doing God’s work. I don’t know what work you’ve been doing, but work that places you in a position of privilege, work that makes you comfortable and powerful in society is the opposite of the work to which Christ calls us. Work that relies on Christianity being a dominant religion and legislating to make others follows a specific, narrow form of it is, plainly, not of God and not of Christ.

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Breaking News: White American Christians Still Racist

What Christianity Today is doing in arguing that 2 billion Christians equals 2 billion votes against same-sex marriage is reenacting the colonist efforts we should be disowning. It is using the bodies of brown and black peoples, still suffering under a legacy of colonialism, in its white-oriented battles. 

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