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God in the Box: The Marginalized Are Not Objects For Your Consumptive Compassion

Perhaps, as a creature of God created lovingly and wonderfully by God’s own hand, I exist not as a lesson to white men to conform more to their conservatism, but as a human being in my own right. Perhaps your compassion is not what we need, but rather your imagination – that we may be people, our own, beloved by a God who knows us an created us, instead of merely a two dimensional image of a flattened God of your own design.

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Sexual Identity is Not a Moral Position

It is not a moral solipsism that refuses criticism of my bisexuality, my selfhood. It is a fight for survival of that very self. My identity is not a moral position and as such, it is impossible to engage in criticism of that which cannot be placed on the table. Matthew would have me flay myself open for the poking and prodding of men who have nothing at stake in this debate besides a theological exercise.

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My Humanity Is Not Subject To Your Moral Reasoning

Logic or reasoning that does not contain within it an amount of empathy and humanity for the Other is logic and reasoning that has no place within the Church writ large. This is why I reject “debates” about my humanity on their face – because my humanity and my position as someone beloved by God is only up for debate in the minds of my oppressors. And oppression is not something in which the Church can engage.

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