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Linguistic Distance and Speaking the Same Language

The inability to do this between the hard-right literalist and the liberationist theologians creates a dissonance in the language that starts small but echoes out into larger and larger rifts. Part of the reason Matthew Vines has found such success is that he can easily and quickly speak the evangelical language and can be trusted to understand and start from the same place as the evangelicals he’s discussing these issues with. There’s a level of authority there that I consciously gave up when I decided to declare myself a pro-choice, feminist, bisexual theologian. I can’t be trusted to be on the same page as the evangelicals anymore, despite us starting from the same book, from the same Scriptures, and from the same faith in a creator God who loves us.

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#GCNConf and the Power of Being Seen

And that’s what the GCN conference is really all about. That’s what queer, church, feminist community is really all about – that moment when one person says to another, “We’re here. Come be with us.” And it’s a presence rooted in true intimacy, in the knowledge of recognizing the people standing before us as people, of coming alongside them to lift that burden of shame and pain and weariness so unique to existence as a queer individual of faith. We all have stories and we all crave to be recognized, to be known. GCN taught me that one of the most outstanding acts of love an individual can perform is just to listen, to say, “I see you. You are not alone.”

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