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The Mini-Skirt and Me

It took me a few years and a lot of work to get to a point where I was comfortable dressing in more feminine and more “revealing” clothing. For me, owning my body and owning my choices meant learning how to mimic and play at those gender expressions disregarded as “typically feminine.” I had to teach myself how to do make up, to do my hair, to be comfortable in dresses and “fancy” clothing. Modesty culture, in its attempts to protect my womanhood, had robbed me of my understanding of myself as a feminine being.

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Unlearning Purity Culture: Stephanie's Story

We were all trying so hard to live up to an ideal driven by guilt, shame and conservative politics which ignored human emotions.  After a long, long time I realized I wasn't a bad person.  Of course, I still would have promoted abstinence as I was heartbroken from the whole experience, just like they had warned me.  Then I realized something else: that was the reason I felt bad.

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Short Skirts, Mean Girls, and Yoga Pants: Modesty As Objectification

Modesty standards – not wearing that bikini, not wearing those yoga pants, not wearing that v-neck shirt – are all a form of attempting to combat objectification, to prevent being seen as less than human. But, modesty culture insists men and women lust in ways that are so entirely different as to be alien to each other. Within this culture, the stark gendered differences create an environment ripe for objectification, regardless of clothing – because the eye is being trained to notice clothing and presentation before noticing the person wearing them. 


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