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My Humanity Is Not Subject To Your Moral Reasoning

Logic or reasoning that does not contain within it an amount of empathy and humanity for the Other is logic and reasoning that has no place within the Church writ large. This is why I reject “debates” about my humanity on their face – because my humanity and my position as someone beloved by God is only up for debate in the minds of my oppressors. And oppression is not something in which the Church can engage.

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Feminism Is For White Middle Class Women: Justice Doesn't Take Turns

Bothering to exist outside the ideal, bothering to be angry in ways that aren’t sanctioned as useful, bothering to say “that’s not good enough” will get you smacked down by a feminism that thinks appealing to the patriarchy is the best way to advocate for themselves. It’s the feminism that reminds us that the patriarchial misogynists are human, too, that tells us to calm down when we’re upset over a violation of our rights, that says that we must accept the crumbs we get from the table and forgive our abusers because they're "just like us."

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Revisionist History Or Why the Church Needs to Stop Lying To and About Itself

Revisionist history makes complex stories and complex narratives neat and tidy for our own selfish ends, and yet the people I see engaged in it most often are evangelical Christians. It’s a denial of the complicated, messy nature that is human life, and belies a desire to have the world conform to our narratives, even if that narrative is a lie.

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