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I'm a Liberal Writer Who Knows How to Deal With My Fears (A Response to Vox)

But acknowledging and discussing such actual, real instances of students being valued over the lives of professors would undermine this professor’s point about identity politics. If identity politics don’t matter, if the prioritization of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and past trauma are ruining the discourse, then the cases of black women experts in their fields being disciplined by an institution determined to believe the white male student over the black female professors challenge that narrative. 

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Life, Interrupted: The Supernatural and Our Narratives of Our Selves

So much of our perception of ourselves is built out of the idea that we’re playing out this larger story, that we have a neat little narrative we can fit our lives into. X leads to Y leads to Z. But sometimes, there are events and things that are so out of character, out of the blue, that our entire neat little narrative gets disrupted and thrown off track.

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My Biggest Troll Is Someone I Could Probably Be Friends With

Examining our social location is vital to understanding relationships in all other parts of life, and it needs to be the same in our online life as well. Our social location doesn’t prevent us from contributing to a conversation, but it does influence whether or not we are labeled as a “troll.” When we have discussions about online behavior and online community, social locations have to enter into the discussion.

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