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Hey Is For Horses: Let's Not Make This Weird

This is the true thing we need to keep in perspective when it comes to dating. Putting all our eggs in one basket, treating people as interchangeable parts in your fantasy of a love story, and pinning all your expectations on the possibility of a romance creates far too much pressure for anyone. In any part of a relationship, whether it’s the first message or the last kiss, perspective is vastly and deeply important. It will keep us grounded.

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Pick Up Artists, Frat Boys, and My Life as an Online Dater

I’ve noticed a pattern as a cisgender, white woman in dating online – you end up becoming privy to a lot of the ways in which men devalue women or treat us as less than human. I consistently get messages that ask me nothing about myself, fail to provide for an interesting topic of conversation, and give me nothing to go on. And, almost assuredly, if I click on the profile of the man who sent me such a message, I’ll see that they’re “just a nice guy, looking for their partner in crime,” or a “laidback dude looking for an adventure,” and so on and so forth with the clichés.

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