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My Biggest Troll Is Someone I Could Probably Be Friends With

Examining our social location is vital to understanding relationships in all other parts of life, and it needs to be the same in our online life as well. Our social location doesn’t prevent us from contributing to a conversation, but it does influence whether or not we are labeled as a “troll.” When we have discussions about online behavior and online community, social locations have to enter into the discussion.

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The Story of Us (Should Be Properly Punctuated)

So you’ve decided it’s time to pawn your Joshua Harris books, set aside those courtship guides, and kiss dating hello. If you’re anything like me, you’re coming out of a culture where dating and flirting and engaging with the opposite sex beyond friendship are verboten. So how do you get from Carpooling and Chaperoning to Riding in Cars With Boys (or Girls)? Where do you even start?

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