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Whiteness as the Background Radiation of Gender

We cannot hope to approach a world in which racial justice--not reconciliation, justice--is achieved unless we are willing to challenge whiteness in all its forms, including within the discussion of gender. Russell Moore is fundamentally the wrong person to lead this charge, but an unsurprising one from a political standpoint. It helps the white church to look "progressive" on certain issues, to play their cards right in the midst of a tumultuous election season. But the centrality of whiteness to all of Moore's positions guarantees that no real change will ever happen.

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What I Don't Want to Hear From My Politicians

It’s bad because it’s not of Christ. It’s a bastardized version of the Gospel, wherein accepting Jesus’ “gifts” for the afterlife is the most important thing, rather than a challenge and experience of a pursuit of justice and love and mercy above all. Dr. Nicole Flores, speaking at the WX conference this last fall, commented: “Ignoring the theological primacy of human dignity is its own heresy.”

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Lukewarm Politics: Rape Culture, Revolution, and RAINN

This tension here is evidence of the larger myopia in the way American politics works. In order to make a short term goal of funding, good press, and maybe bringing more people into the discussion, organizations, politicians, and players on the political scene often temper their views, pulling back or rejecting the views that require new frameworks and a re-engineering of our socially conditioned perspectives. Instead of dismantling the state, we try to work within it. We hide the views that may cause the more powerful among our readers to reject our activism.

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