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Jurassic World is About Destruction of the System, Not Sexism

Jurassic World is about the hubris and failure of corporate institutions and the privilege of individual men within those institutions. The franchise has always been about the marketing and corporatizing of that which cannot be marketed or sold. The pure dream of the scientist to explore, to see what can be done, is corrupted and ruined by the desire of the corporation to build bigger and better and make more money. "Verizon Wireless Presents Indominus Rex" is at once a laugh line and a scathing indictment of the nature of corporate branding.

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What Taylor Swift Taught Me About Privilege

We make tiny little decisions like this every day. We vote with our dollars, with our tweets, with our choices to like or not like something. It’s a lot of pressure if you want to fight back against racist and sexist conditioning – which makes it understandable (not right, but understandable) when some people want to give up and just roll with it.

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Evangelicalism Doesn't Have a Persecution Problem; It Has an Arrogance Problem

I operated within a world that most people didn’t get. And for years, I saw their occasional mockery, confusion, and desire not to listen to me babble on in what amounted to a different language as a form of persecution. “This is what Jesus meant when he said you would be mocked and persecuted for me!” I told myself as I made no effort to become like the Greeks, Jews or Gentiles as Paul proclaimed.

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