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You Don't Get to Choose How I Feel

Just asking the question isn’t enough. You must demonstrate a willingness to listen, a trustworthiness that you might actually change, and an actual desire for knowledge. This is why I don’t buy that someone is just “taking a stand” and “not looking to offend.” Stands and stances and flags and words don’t happen in vacuums. They carry with them histories of oppression, a lifetime of burdens, and often threats to our very survival. That the privileged do not understand our pain does not erase the existence of that pain.

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Back to Basics: What is Privilege?

Intersectionality is, at its heart, a project of community. It both respects the individual because their story matters and prizes the individual’s place within community because the diversity of stories and experiences lead to greater understanding. Intersectional representation across differences in oppression and privilege is important because all experiences are necessary to understanding the scope of the problems before us. A black woman is going to bring a different perspective to a campaign than a white man, simply by virtue of life experience. A trans* or non-binary person is going to nuance a human rights campaign in ways that a panel of solely cisgender people will not.

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