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Theological Diversity is a Matter of Justice, Not Aesthetics

Thus Relevant’s white list is not merely an aesthetic problem. It’s a problem of deepest justice. This exclusion cuts deeper than mere representation, to the point of contributing to a white supremacist outlook on the world and on God. If your theological input is all white and all male, your church is going to reflect these same values.

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Practical Praxis: Understood Humility

And those coming out of evangelical and fundamentalist Christianity will be familiar with how hard it can be to actually live out those politics and theologies. There’s an inertia that takes over – it becomes easier to just go with what everyone is saying, to not call out that rape joke, to just laugh along. And sometimes, we do that for our own safety – it’s hard when you’re the new person in a group of friends and you don’t know how they’ll respond to being called out.

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