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The Comfort of Whiteness and the Self Surrender of Gospel: What is Required of the White Church

And as I’m doing all this introspection, I cannot help but feel the need to urge pastors and congregants of churches to engage in this same self-interrogation. Particularly in America, where the Christian church is deeply divided between black and white Protestant churches, there is much lip service given to the need for racial reconciliation, but the effort required on the part of people who believe themselves to be white is far more of a burden than many of us are willing to take.

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Bristol Palin and the Privilege to Fail

This, ultimately, is why Bristol Palin’s second, chosen pregnancy matters. Because of the abstinence culture she promotes, because of purity culture’s narratives of forgiveness from which she benefits, other people are left without resources. Bristol was uniquely privileged in her pregnancy to have a supportive family and the public relations ability to capitalize on her story to make money for her and her child. She is privy to resources almost no teenage mothers have, and is engaged, even while choosing to have another child, in the rolling back of resources and rights for women just like her. 

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