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Some Honest Questions For The People Who Keep Asking Me Questions About [Panic Issue Here]

Because that’s the thing with questions: you get answers. And you’re not always going to like or agree with the answers you get—that’s your prerogative! But you can’t do the double-bind of simply “asking” and then pretending to be baffled when people refuse to take you by the hand and guide you through your “innocent” questions.

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You Don't Get to Choose How I Feel

Just asking the question isn’t enough. You must demonstrate a willingness to listen, a trustworthiness that you might actually change, and an actual desire for knowledge. This is why I don’t buy that someone is just “taking a stand” and “not looking to offend.” Stands and stances and flags and words don’t happen in vacuums. They carry with them histories of oppression, a lifetime of burdens, and often threats to our very survival. That the privileged do not understand our pain does not erase the existence of that pain.

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