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Red State Redemption: Homebound

Even as I speak, my reality is changing. South Dakota has a growing contingent of more liberal young people who take an approach of nuance and openness into their politics. And being from this state, we know more about how to approach change in this area than our fellows on the East Coast who try to pour money into our politics and create campaigns based around their “outsider” politics.

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Prophets, Hometowns, and Past Selves: Thoughts on Moving Back to South Dakota

It is perhaps unfair of me to be afraid. For all I know, they have changed as much as I, but there is a strange ownership of your past self that people who knew you then seem to have, and I am afraid to confront that. They know who you were, and it puts them in a unique position to ask incisive, digging questions about who you are now (not that those questions are appropriate, but they still get asked). It’s often as simple as “but I thought you believed X…” It’s a shattering of the illusions of who they thought I was, a betrayal of what they taught me, and, in some ways, a driving of the knife into their back.

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