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#PurityCultureTaughtMe: Stories and Why They Matter

But, there’s a sea change happening. Our stories are becoming too loud to ignore. The explanations are becoming hollow and more obviously untrue. Our lives, our experiences, cannot be explained away as isolated incidents, as failures of individual personality, as a misapplication of theology. The problems with purity culture and the purity movement are systemic and they cannot be changed by simply making sure individuals don’t “take the theology the wrong way” or by excluding individual narratives from the overall story. You don’t get to claim your movement as a success if you refuse to take the data from those your movement failed.

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#BacktoBasics: What Is Feminism?

Feminism doesn’t care if you wear high heels or bright red lipstick or a bra. Feminism cares about your praxis – the ways in which you work for justice throughout your life, the ways in which you recognize the humanity of others, and the ways in which you allow yourself to take in and empathize with those stories.

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